Destroy the Castle 2

If you think that you would do a great job at taking down large fortresses, you should try playing Destroy the Castle 2. This game will offer you a canon and projectiles, and you simply have to fire at the castle placed in front of you.

The enemy won't fight back, so you simply have to worry about being precise with your shots. You can use your mouse to adjust the angle and the power of each shot. After that, you simply have to hit the left mouse button and figure out how many people are still alive. Once you kill everyone, you will advance to the next level. The first couple of castles are not that sturdy and you will destroy them without any problems. After that, you should focus on choosing the right type of projectile and aiming more precisely if you want to finish Destroy the Castle 2. You need to find the weak point in each structure and fire directly at it. This way, the castle will fall over and there will be no survivors in it. This is a combination between a strategy and a precision game; the more you play it, the easier it will be for you to hit the right part of the structure.

Destroy the Castle 2 is not the most complicated game in the world, but it can be quite entertaining. You will have to bring down many different structures and you might obtain a high score if you know what you're doing.